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Original semi abstract landscape painting

"Three trees huddled together in the wind, reaching towards the light in an increasingly stormy sky."

A beautiful, large, textured landscape artwork. This treescape is painted in earthy hues of brown, black, gold, copper, silver and white. Accent details in metallic paint. These give the painting added depth and interest according to how the light falls and moves on it.

  • Acrylics & mixed media (inks, charcoal, oil pastel) on wood panel. Varnished.
  • White wood tray frame. Unglazed. Ready to hang.

  • Painting size:¬†70 x 70cm | 27.5 x 27.5"
  • Framed size: 75 x 75cm | 29.5 x 29.5"

Expressing these paintings in words...

I am used to expressing myself with paint. With my 'Where The Trees Dance' collection, however, I felt compelled to do the same in written form.

My poem below attempts to put into succinct words what landscape and nature means to me. To convey some of the feelings and emotions that I pour into my art.

Where The Trees Dance

A lone tree clings to a stony slope
Buffeted by a tormenting wind
Standing proud
An endless reach for the sweeping sky
Wild beauty beneath swirling clouds
In a vast and desolate glen
Dramatic in solitude
I breathe and feel alive
Where the trees dance

A huddle of trees entwine their branches
Observing atop a rolling hill
Standing together
Bathed in light by the admiring sun
Rhythmic swaying and whispering leaves
In a warm and gentle breeze
Comfort in familiarity
I smile and feel at peace
Where the trees dance

Words by Jayne Leighton Herd

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