Created to your specific desires

A painting made just for you

Do you have an empty wall that is crying out for a burst of colour?

Do you need that finishing touch or focal point for a room in your home or office space?

Is your new extension or home looking for a wow factor?

Are you dreaming of a piece of art that's going to grab your attention every time you see it?

Do you want a piece of art created especially for you that everyone will admire?

Yes? That's where I come in!

I love creating bespoke art for people.

I produce artwork for a variety of clients, from private individuals to companies to interior designers.

If you love my paintings, but the one you want isn't available, then ask me to produce one tailored to your requirements.

Commissions vary in complexity.

You may want an artwork based on an existing painting but in a different size or colour?
Or you may have your own design ideas in mind?

I have created bespoke paintings from simple scaling up and specific colour palettes based on my existing styles, through to designing pieces to tie in with everything from granite work surfaces through to African floor lamps. I have even created paintings inspired by imagery from movie posters and stills.

So, let me know what you're thinking of?


Whatever your requirements, I will need some kind of style reference and details such as size and desired colours. The greater your initial input, the more likely I am to produce something you will absolutely love and enjoy. It is also helpful if you can give me an idea of your budget at the start.

Commissions generally do cost a little more as I will be dedicating time specifically to the design and creation of your painting, mixing and matching colours and specs to your brief, sourcing and buying one-off materials, etc.

Once I have all your input and information and know exactly what will be involved then I can give you an accurate cost.

When we reach the stage of finalising exactly what you want, I produce a document which includes a proposal, the brief, costs, payment schedule, and my business terms. That way we all understand what is involved and you are confident about what I am going to create for you.

As a guide:
- commissions are normally completed within 6 -12 weeks of ordering, but this can vary depending on my schedule and the scale and complexity of the painting required.

- the minimum size of painting for a commission is approx. 60x60cm.

Please do always enquire and we can discuss how best to meet your requirements.

Let's start a conversation about your bespoke painting

As a first step, fill in the form below and give me a brief idea of what you're thinking of.

You can also request my "Guide to Commissioning Art", which will give you more information about how my commission process works.

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