I have been a professional artist for nearly 18 years.

Prior to that my creative design background was in advertising creation, graphic design and marcoms.

This gave me the groundwork and amazing opportunities to develop my artistic and design skills.
Not to mention honing my natural flair for colour.

I also learned to value the importance of the visual story and attention to fine detail.

In tandem with my design-based career, I continued my lifelong passion for painting, nurturing the dream of working solely on my art. In 2005 the time felt right to exhibit my paintings in public for the first time and I was awed by the enthusiastic response to my work.

So I took the plunge to focus full-time on my art. Took some art courses. Was awarded a place on Farnham University for the Creative Arts’ Artist Development Program where I was mentored for a year by a professional art dealer. And threw myself heart and soul into developing my art practice, as well as marketing and selling my work. Over seventeen years later, and I have never looked back!

I love mixing media & exploring different surfaces

And I'm as comfortable painting with a stylus and drawing tablet, as I am with brushes and palette knives.

I regularly exhibit my work

And I really enjoy having direct contact and conversations with the people who enjoy and buy my paintings.

I undertake commissions from both private and commercial clients. My paintings feature in private collections in the UK and abroad, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, France, Spain and Germany.

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When I'm not painting, I love...

- Spending time with my French husband, Laurent.
- A great evening with friends, laughing & enjoying good food.
- Going for exhilarating walks & taking photos of nature, scenery & interesting details.
- Singing my heart out in a rock choir.
- An excellent book I can get lost in.
- Music that makes my skin tingle.
- Travelling and discovering new places that captivate me.
- Finding inspiration wherever I go.


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