A Feeling of Place

The heart's home.

Emotion. Passion. Freedom.

Space. Light.

Dramatic. Serene.

Inspired by nature. Scenery. Scotland


Ideas, forms, shapes, emotions, feelings, mental snapshots meld and build in my mind’s eye. That gives me the starting point for a painting or a series of work. But once I begin work on that first, fresh new surface, I'm still leaving it open for things to develop naturally.

I work on several pieces at once, building up layer after layer, adding lovely texture and marks.

Letting things evolve as they will. Once the painting direction reveals itself, I start making more specific decisions about composition and colours. Layering and adding texture and details until I feel that the painting is the best that I can make it.

Come into a world of colour & texture

Detailed, textured flows of vibrant colour
Sumptuous metallics
Layers of intriguing collage
Blends of bold sweeping strokes and splashes
Lovely drips of meandering paint...

I want my art to appeal to your senses of sight & touch


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