A Feeling of Place

The heart's home.

Emotion. Passion. Freedom.

Space. Light.

Dramatic. Serene.

Somewhere to breathe.

Inspired by nature. Scenery. Scotland

I am Scottish (mixed with English and French) and spent my childhood surrounded by rolling hills, grassy meadows, rugged coast, mysterious lochs and meandering rivers. With joyful visits beyond the borders of Fife taking me to more breathtaking scenery, stunning glens and majestic mountains. So it's not surprising that the Scottish landscape continues to influence my work, no matter where I live. Yet, speaking of where I live, the tranquil scenery of Berkshire and surrounding counties also has an influence on my work. Take a look at this video... It's easier to express it this way...

Why trees?

Trees have always been fascinating to me. Particularly those lone trees, clinging to windy slopes or standing proud on hilltops. This fascination began during my childhood in Scotland. Whenever I would see a lone tree, or a small cluster of trees all alone with nothing else around, I would wonder what those trees had lived through during Scotland’s tumultuous history. People, events, and many years had come and gone, and yet the trees still prevailed.

Discover the Whole Story


Ideas, emotions, memories, mental snapshots meld and build in my mind’s eye. A starting point for a painting or a series of work. But as I begin work on that fresh new surface, things will develop intuitively and naturally.
I generally work on several pieces at once, building up layer after layer, adding lovely texture and marks.
Letting things evolve as they will. Once the painting direction reveals itself, I start making more specific decisions about composition and colours. Layering and adding texture and details until I feel that the painting is the best that I can make it.

Come into a world of colour & texture

Detailed, textured flows of vibrant colour
Sumptuous metallics
Layers of intriguing collage
Blends of bold sweeping strokes and splashes
Lovely drips of meandering paint...

Art to appeal to your senses of sight & touch

Energy, movement, space, bold sweeps and strokes combined with tempting texture, metallics and iridescence.
To attract not only your eye, but also incite a desire to sweep your fingers across the surface!


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