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Little Squares of Autumn Warmth

Little Squares of Autumn Warmth

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Fine art prints - 2 sizes available

  • 310gsm cotton rag paper.
  • Open edition print.
  • Print only. Unframed/unmounted.

    • Print image size: A3 | 30 x 42cm | 12 x 16"
    • Paper size: A3+ | 33 x 48cm | 13 x 19" (Includes borders around image.)

        • Print image size: 41 x 58cm | 16.14 x 22.8"
        • Paper size: A2 | 42 x 59cm | 16.5 x 23" (Includes 5mm border around image.)


        Original abstract painting - Sold

        This artwork contains 15 little paintings in one. Essentially, each one is a miniature mixed media study of composition and colour, textures and marks.

        To begin the piece, I divided the paper in 15 squares with lightly drawn pencil marks. Each of those small squares then becomes an individual painting. I worked with various media to create layers of paint strokes and spatters, pastel squiggles, ink drips, collage pieces and more.

        The challenge is to make each little painting look great on its own, while making the whole piece work in terms of composition, energy and colour. So I go back and forth until I feel that the balance is just right. I can get lost for hours in the happy zone of creating these! 🤣

        My colour palette for this artwork was full of beautiful mixes of autumn shades including burgundy, orange, red, yellow and earthy brown. With touches of lavender and pale pink. Rich, warm, vibrant colours with thoughts of an invigorating autumn walk kicking up leaves, followed by hot chocolate by an open fire.

        • Mixed media (inks, acrylics, collage, pencil, oil pastel) on heavyweight Fabriano paper.
        • Varnished.
        • Unframed.

        • Original painting size: A2 | 42 x 59.4cm | 16.5 x 23"
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