Artist Statement

Much of the original abstract art I create is inspired by the intricate pattern of life and by the natural world.

As an abstract artist, I do not intend to depict reality in my work. Recreating what I can see with my own eyes holds no interest for me. Only that which comes from within me, letting ideas and shapes, inspiration and mental snapshots meld and take form in my mind’s eye to create the basis of a series of work or painting. When it comes to reality, I intend that the eye of the beholder should create the painting’s reality, or perhaps their own. So while I influence the idea behind each piece, I never tire of hearing the story that the viewer in front of it describes.


Several series of my work explore the idea of life's tapestry: the various paths we travel, the deliberate and the unintentional changes of direction, with a central core of self, dreams, values and relationships that make us who we are. I interpret this in striking, textile-like paintings: detailed, textured patchworks of intense, woven colour, sometimes with layers of sumptuous metallised collage reminiscent of pieced work, which blend into boldly threaded sweeping strokes or into drips of loose, unfinished threads.

I am also fascinated by Space, the outer kind. Planets, 'solar system bodies' and manmade objects, such as satellites, either moving at warp speed in bursts of energy and colour, or floating in isolation in vast emptiness. These form the inspiration for other series of work.

Using a rich and vibrant palette, I create enticing and dynamic worlds of colour and texture. My paintings are vivid experiences that could satisfy both sight and touch. Energy, movement and space, bold sweeps and strokes feature in my work, and combined with tempting texture, metallics and iridescence, I intend to attract not only the eye, but also to incite a tactile urge!

Artist Jayne Leighton Herd in her art studio


Art and design are quite simply as important to me as breathing!

The nature of my art is in part thanks to my creative design background. Years spent working in advertising (creation), marcoms and graphic design provided me with amazing opportunities to develop my artistic and design skills, as well as honing my natural flair for colour. I also learned to value clarity and attention to fine detail.

In tandem, I developed my lifelong passion for painting, nurturing the dream of working with my art. In 2005 the time was right to exhibit my paintings in public for the first time and I was awed by the enthusiastic response to my work. Although I had been turned off from taking the path to Art College by the uninspiring and restrictive methods of teaching art at school, I decided to undertake some arts courses that would inspire and encourage me as an artist while allowing my creative spirit and direction to remain free. I was awarded a place on the Farnham University for the Creative Arts’ Artist Development Program where I was mentored for a year by a professional art dealer. I thoroughly opened my eyes and mind to the belief that I could be a professional artist. That was eleven years ago and I haven't looked back!

I regularly exhibit my work and undertake commissions from both private and commercial clients. My paintings feature in private collections in the UK and abroad, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, France, Spain and Germany.

When I'm not painting and designing, I love spending time with my French other half; a great evening with friends, laughing and enjoying good food; going for exhilarating walks with my camera in hand; an excellent book I can get lost in; music that makes my skin tingle; dancing until my feet hurt; travelling and discovering new places that captivate me; and finding inspiration wherever I go.