Taking part in the Artist Support Pledge during Covid-19 Lockdown

Taking part in the Artist Support Pledge during Covid-19 Lockdown

The changed landscape of the working life of an artist

Work life for many artists has drastically changed. Galleries are closed, exhibitions are cancelled and face-to-face workshops and studio visits are no longer an option. Nor are home consultations. This throws existing plans off-course and is a challenging time. And yet, as artists, we are creative. And many are taking this an opportunity to try new things or do things in new ways. Ultimately this will strengthen us.

As far as I am concerned, I am working hard on developing and building a new aspect to my art business. So I am busy creating, exploring, experimenting and always learning.

Inside the art studio of artist Jayne Leighton Herd

One thing I had been hesitating to do was actively promote my art to sell it. Wondering whether it would be inappropriate when many people are experiencing difficult times. Would people want to buy art during a crisis? 

Well, it turns out that they do. Thankfully. Especially now that they are spending so much time looking at the walls in their homes.

Plus, I still have to earn a living and pay my bills.

There are some exciting initiatives taking place during the Coronavirus lockdown. Through many industries, channels and walks of life. 

For artists, one such initiative is the Artist Support Pledge #artistsupportpledge. Founded by artist Matthew Burrows. Each participating artist offers art for sale up to £200. When each artist's own sales reach a total of £1,000, that artist pledges to pass the support forward by purchasing a piece of art (up to £200) from another artist. Art lovers and collectors can use the hashtag on Instagram to see what art is available.

Small abstract paintings by Jayne Leighton Herd

Visit my Artist Support Pledge page to see which paintings I am currently offering for sale at under £200.

Happy choosing.

Stay safe and healthy!


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