Original cityscape art explores city life versus the force of nature

Original cityscape art explores city life versus the force of nature

Urban landscape meets natural landscape!



'Living on the Grid' is a 60x90cm abstract cityscape painting on canvas. This vibrant and dramatic painting contemplates the impact of urban landscape meets natural landscape. The response and impact of nature as the grids of our towns and cities continue to grow and overflow, covering more and more of our countryside and natural resources.

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, Wokingham, the Berkshire market town where I live, was expanding by the day with seemingly endless housing developments. My home used to sit on the edge of town, with fields at our doorstep. That countryside is disappearing heartbreakingly fast, swallowed by ever more structures! What we are doing to our precious natural resources and beautiful landscapes locally, nationally and worldwide is of ever-increasing concern.

Original blue purple abstract cityscape painting on canvas by Jayne Leighton Herd

Today, as Lockdown continues to disintegrate in confusion in the UK, I am working in my art studio at home, with the windows wide open to a beautiful sunny day. And I can hear the clanging of metal and machinery noises coming from a nearby field, where I suspect work has started up again, to continue building yet more houses.  

Before the pandemic, there was increasing awareness and concern over climate change as it became one of the focuses to dominate media attention.

Since COVID-19 hit and forced us to remain in lockdown in our homes, many more people seem to have an appetite to escape 'outside the grid'. To stream in crowds to beaches, parks, countryside, into nature. But I wonder, after this awful coronavirus experience, whether we, as individuals and as a country, will now appreciate nature and our natural landscapes and resources more? Will we do more to take care of them and reduce the impact that we have on these precious spaces?


Can you picture this highly original abstract cityscape painting making an impact on your wall?

Close-up details of Living on the Grid abstract cityscape painting by Jayne Leighton Herd


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